ELC Literacy Buddy Program

NEW BUDDY BUTTON2Each school year, the Early Learning Coalition sponsors the Literacy Buddy Program which provides children with books to take home and share with their families. The program also encourages them to express themselves through correspondence with their adult buddy. Children come to school better prepared to learn when they interact with adults who regularly read, write and converse with them.


The following writing samples were completed by a child over a span of four months and demonstrate what a difference books and letters can make in the life of a child.

Mateo - (Diego Adventures) January 2010
Mateo - (Cat in the Hat) February 2010
Mateo - (Writing) April 2010

You can help by becoming an adult Literacy Buddy!

  • A Literacy Buddy agrees to receive letters from a child in an early learning facility served by the Early Learning Coalition.
  • The Buddy in turn sends a letter and high quality book in response to the child’s letter
  • This exchange takes place three times from mid fall to spring
  • The program teaches children about correspondence, communication and instills appreciation of high quality children’s literature

Please take a moment to fill out the application to become a Buddy. For more information or inquiries about the program, please e-mail LiteracyBuddies@elcofswfl.org or call (239) 935-6186.

Click to access the application on our Facebook page.

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