VPK Information

VPK Provider Application Process and Information 

teacher8All new and current VPK Providers need to complete the forms below and use the check list as a guide. When you have completed the VPK Provider Paperwork please call your Early Childhood Specialist or upload to SharePoint in VPK Contracts Folder:

Kristi Biffar
Cheryl Carpenter
Rebecca McKellar
Julie Nelson
Bronwyn Gogia
Janelle Almonte

Updates – Bernadette Russello

(239) 935-6177
(239) 935-6178
(239) 935-6133
(239) 935-6171
(239) 935-6193
(239) 935-6132

(239) 935-6151

VPK Provider Contract Paperwork

VPK Information for Providers

4 Year Old Standards for VPK Teachers and Directors

4 Year Old Standards Training is listed on the DCF website and registrationis through the Child Care Training Portal

A copy of the Florida Four Year Old Standards may be ordered at http://www.flstandardsfouryearolds.com/

To download a copy of the Florida Statutes and Administrative Rules Related to Early Learning, go to

VPK Information for Parents

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