About the Provider Services Portal

In April, 2017 the Florida Office of Early Learning (OEL) created the Provider Services Portal. The use of this portal is required. This is an element of both School Readiness and Voluntary Prekindergarten contracts.  In the contracts, the system is referred to as the Statewide Information System or the Provider Portal. We are encouraging providers to get registered, fill out the provider profile and execute the SR contract in the portal.

What’s in it for me?  What are the advantages of the Provider Portal?

  • Once a provider profile is set up, it does not have to be done again. Updates may be made by the provider as they happen, such as rate and service changes, hours of operation, and personnel changes.  Annual updates will be made to the existing profile instead of the Provider Update Form.
  • The completed profile will populate the VPK and SR provider contracts. This will save you from the tedious work of filling out the contracts.
  • Documents are safely stored, accessible only by approved provider and ELC staff. They can be downloaded if needed, and do not need to be replaced unless they expire. They do not get misfiled or lost.
  • The portal is available 24/7. You do not need to wait for the ELC to be open to make changes and complete uploads.


What about SharePoint? Is the Provider Portal the same thing?

  • For now, you will continue to use SharePoint to download your blank attendance sheets and upload the completed attendance sheets, sign-in and out sheets and other documentation requested by the Coalition.
  • Eventually, the Provider Portal will replace SharePoint, but not at this time.
  • The provider portal is a safe way to share your confidential information with the ELC, as is SharePoint.

Is the use of the Provider Portal mandatory?

  • The short answer is yes. Take some time getting to know the new portal, register and begin to load documents. The portal allows you to fill out a provider profile which then populates your  School Readiness or VPK contracts. Documents can be uploaded.
  • Providers who are not affiliated with the Coalition are also asked to complete a provider profile which allows their information to be available to parents for the purpose of referrals.

How do I get to the portal?

Who do I contact for assistance with the Provider Portal?

  • Contact Kristi Biffar at 239-935-6143 or Biffar@elcofswsfl.org
  • You can also contact your Early Childhood Specialist
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