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Portal FAQ

The Office of Early Learning Provider Portal is undergoing changes! As with any new system, you might have questions. This page will be updated with information especially designed for Provider Portal users. Check back here for FAQ’s and progress updates.

Last Updated: 12/11/2019 – scroll down for latest entries

Good news for Provider Portal Users! Providers can now update user account information for signatures on their own: On the provider dashboard, click on the gear in the upper right hand corner. Then, click on the Account Information button. Then, update the information and click Save.






Questions? Please contact your Portal Champion: Amanda Devariste (Collier providers), Cora Rice  (Lee, Hendry, Glades providers A-K), Bron Gogia  (Lee, Hendry, Glades providers K-Z)

We are so pleased at the progress of data entry into the Portal.  Recognizing that the Portal is not always working exactly as expected, this can be especially challenging.  Thank you for your patience! This message is intended to provide clarifications on due dates and provide a handy reference for your use as you are entering data for both VPK and School Readiness:

Information for the Provider Portal Support Documents to be Uploaded to the ELC SharePoint Due Dates
VPK Attendance Enter daily attendance records
  • sign-in Sheets
  • Long form/or short form
  • January 2020 due 2/5/20
  • February 2020 due 3/4/20
  • March 2020 due 4/3/20
  • April 2020 due 5/5/20
  • May 2020 due 6/3/20
  • June 2020 due 7/3/20
School Readiness Enter daily attendance records
  • sign-in/out sheets
  • excuse notes
  • Attendance sheets
  • January 2020 due 2/5/20
  • February 2020 due 3/4/20
  • March 2020 due 4/3/20
  • April 2020 due 5/5/20
  • May 2020 due 6/3/20
  • June 2020 due 7/3/20

Provider Profile has three new required elements (see below).

  • Missing Fees and Discounts (there must be something in each field; if a fee does not apply, please place a zero in the field)
  • Private Pay Rates (be sure to enter all rates that you could ever use – both full time and part time).  Be sure to answer the question about charging a differential.
  • Closures Calendar (include both your holidays and other personal days off beyond the 12 holidays. Include closed time in summer if you are closed in summer)

Provider Portal SR Attendance

Watch the SR Attendance Video

  • Sometimes you will see children listed twice on the attendance roster within a month.
  • If a child’s birthday occurs during that month, you will see a separate listing to show the change in care level.
  • If you see a child listed twice on the attendance roster, it can be due to an update to her file (like a new care level) or an error in the system.
  • If the listing is due to a system error, a member of the ELC staff will need to work on the correction.
  • Getting an error message while entering attendance? Try a few times.
  • When terminating a child from the enrollment roster, the last day of attendance is also the date entered for termination
  • Need help with specific issues? Please reach out to your Portal Champion.  Not sure who that is?  Contact Gayla Thompson, and she will assist you.

Portal Champion Contact Information:

Amanda Devariste   239-935-6113 

Bronwyn Gogia        239-935-6167 

Cora Rice                  239-935-6157 

Provider Portal VPK Enrollment

  • Your VPK APP must be complete and certified with your VPK classrooms set up for the 2019-2020 school year before enrollments can be entered.  (if you need help with the VPK APP contact
  • All fall VPK enrollments for the 2019-2020 school year will be entered on each VPK provider’s VPK enrollment page in OEL’s Provider Portal where you log in to complete your profile, contracts, and set up your VPK classrooms.
  • From the home page you will click on enrollment and Manage VPK Enrollment in the drop down box.
  • Enrollments can be entered one at a time as the certificates come in.  See instructions for entering enrollment.
  • Enrollments can also be done using a bulk file upload where an entire classroom of information can be uploaded at one time.  Click here for the VPK Bulk Enrollment process.

VPK Bulk enrollment tips:

  • Use your provider ID number from the provider portal home page in the provider site summary box (not vendor number with a W at the end)
  • 2)    Use the naming convention of AF18, BF18, CF18, etc.  (First letter is the class letter, F stands for Fall Enrollment, 18 stands for the year the class begins)
  • 3)  When adding the VPK certificate number, add VPK in front of number and 2019 at the end. Ex: VPK123456-2019
  • 4)  Be sure to download file
  • 5)  Click on Download at the bottom of the page to view the error message in the spreadsheet
  • 6)  Refresh the page to see the new enrollments – Refresh page to view new enrollments
  • 7)  Convert and save file as a CSV file.  When the file is being saved, rename it with the provider’s facility name and save as a CSV file.
  • 8)  Rename the file so ELC has a way of knowing which provider uploaded what (Use provider name instead of the default name of “VPK Enrollment Bulk Upload”)

Collier providers can call Amada Devariste at 935-6113 or Kim Bolden at 935-6121:

Glades, Hendry and Lee providers can call Ana Estrada at 239-935-6123 or Delia Buckley  at 239-935-6127 for VPK child enrollment questions.


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