The Coalition has been assessing providers with the ERS since 2009 and in 2012 – 2013 fiscal year providers are invited to participate in a voluntary Quality Rating System with one of the key elements being an ERS assessment. Below are some resources to assist providers with the ERS assessment.

ERS Clarification Notes as of May 20, 2012

The following notes for clarification from the authors of the ERS have been updated recently. Most of these changes are a result of the Newest Edition of “Caring For Our Children” (3rd Edition)

“Notes For Clarification” on the ERS website:

Environment Rating Scales Frequently Asked Questions

Many providers in Southwest Florida have questions regarding the ERS and we’ve discovered through our technical assistance process that many providers have the same questions. Here, we will answer frequently asked questions, but welcome any of the providers to call us with their specific questions if it is not answered below.

Download  ERS Frequently Asked Questions.